To the year that would rest now

Thank you 2021 
For 365 sunsets and 365 sunrises
And the life that unfolded in between

Thank you
For the birthdays and anniversaries
And all those beautiful moments
Celebrated with friends and family
Their recurring certainty anchored me

Thank you
For the unexpected joys
And untimely sorrows
They kept me alive
And taught me the invaluable impermanence of life

Thank you
For many moments of cluelessness
Those voids were precious too
I learned to rest in my own company
And surrender to lifeā€™s grand design.

And thank you, dear 2021
For forgiving all my incompletions
And transforming overnight
Into a brand new canvas

Hello 2022
I am Manish Srivastava
I am looking forward to the next 365 sunrises and 365 sunsets
And all that life will bring

Manish Srivastava 
12.35 am, 01.01.2022
From the Sacred Well