Midnight Journey of a Seed: Resilience in the Face of Pandemic

My upcoming book “Midnight Journey of a Seed: Resilience in the Face of Pandemic” is a poetic memoir and a pathway to transform our suffering into a new possibility.

Warli Painting by Sumitra Ahake from Melghat. This will appear in the book. Pls do not copy or forward.

Early in the lockdown, I started the ritual of waking up before sunrise, tending to my wounds that survived the night and letting them germinate into poetry. At the end of sixteen months, I harvested 77 poems and 14 life stories weaved into an archetypal narrative that provides a pathway of resilience. It is organised into ten chapters and four parts. Each part reflects a phase of our inner journey of resilience through the pandemic. At the end of each phase, I have shared some contemplative practices to help readers find their healing verse and transform their suffering into compassionate action.  

By integrating poetry, anecdotes, art and practices, this book  invites fellow men and women to introspect— What are our inner sources of resilience? What do we need to reconcile with our grief and loss? How can we revive our hope and reclaim our inner freedom? What world do we resolve to create a day after tomorrow?  

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Manish Srivastava