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Sacred Well Studio

Sacred Well Studio offers a bold, creative leadership forums where we can co-imagine and co-create a new future beyond our societal divides. We offer contemplative social arts-based workshops to transform our personal, organizational or societal challenges into collective well-being and resilience.

Social Art of Leadership & Systems Transformation:

(A Social Presencing Theatre in-person foundation workshop)

Social Presencing Theater (SPT) is a social art form that integrates systems thinking, mindfulness and contemplative arts to help a social system make visible its deep patterns of stuckness and tap into its source of inspiration and creativity. This method has been co-developed by experts at MIT & Presencing Institute, USA. It has been applied successfully in international governments, UN, MNC and civil society organizations worldwide. 

Upcoming Workshop: Oct 7-9, 2022. Venue- Pune

In the 3 days workshop we will learn SPT practices and apply them to generate new creative insights for our personal, organizational and societal challenges. Read more here-

Pathways to Resilience

Over four 90 mins session, Manish Srivastava & Sonali Gera will take you through a creative & participative journey. You can join any number of sessions. We will use poetic reflections & contemplative practices from the book “Midnight Journey of a Seed”. The book harvests lessons from the pandemic and offers pathways to transform any crisis into a resilient future. Register at

Previous workshops:

Embodied Poetry: Art of transforming our intimate conflicts: An emerging art form that blends Social Presencing Theatre, Contemplative Sketching and Social Poetics to uncover the healing message of our intimate relationship struggles.

Field Beyond Right & Wrong: Healing collective wounds thru contemplative social art.

Dignity of Labour: An action-learning dialogue to support COVID relief, as well as, systems change work to transform the societal divide build on the apathy and exploitation of poor working class (labour)

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