Dignity of Labour

An action-learning dialogue to honour those who build our communities, yet are left homeless or stranded on highways

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CONTEXT: While there are immediate actions needed to provide food, healthcare and transport to those suffering, this lockdown has also accentuated the deep societal divide of our country. The overwhelming crisis of “migrants and marginalized” is an indicator of the economic disaster build on the apathy and exploitation of poor working class by the privileged. We need action both ends— immediate relief work and systemic societal transformation.

INVITATION: We invite grassroots changemakers who are serving communities that are most impacted by COVID lockdown. We also invite those who want to contribute to this challenge. Together we will explore:

  1. What are the challenges we are seeing and sensing on the ground in the next few weeks/ months?
  2. What support do we need to sustain our initiatives in the short and long term?
  3. What is the large scale systemic transformation needed to shift the current societal apathy and exploitation of the labour class?

INTENT: We intend to generate shared learning, collaborations and support your ongoing work. It is a space to sense the big picture with like-spirited souls. 

Pls join us on Facebook group for information on weekly dialogues as well as initiatives where you could contribute 

Or email to Manish Srivastava at sacredwell.in@gmail.com for information. 

Here is a partial List of change-makers & thought-leaders invited to bring insights from the field.  More are being added as they confirm (in alphabetical order):

  • Dr.  Aravind Chinchure, QLEAP Academy. Renowned academician, a corporate strategist and an innovation leader. Educating and empowering individuals and organizations with 21st century skills.
  • Keerthana Medaramelta, Agami, Bangalore. Facilitating and supporting innovations in law and justice sector.
  • Manasi Saxena, emCOMPASSION, Noida. Providing food and essentials to marginalized communities in NOIDA
  • Mayur Satyavrat and/ or Team, EmSuS Consulting, Creating a digital platform to the economy and job growth in the rural sector.
  • Dr. Priyadarsh, Yumetta Foundation, Amravati. Organizing buses to transport migrants across Maharashtra borders and supporting vulnerable communities and tribal hospitals with food, medical assistance etc
  • Purnima Upadhyay, KHOJ, Melghat. Serving tribal communities, advocacy for migrant rights and coordinating with other NGOs
  • Upmanyu Patil, Swayam Shikshan Prayog, Pune. A network of women leaders supporting most vulnerable daily wage labourer families in Maharashtra, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat

Design inputs by:

Sonali Gera (co-host), Nirvana Laha, Anupam Rawat

HOST: Manish Srivastava is a senior faculty & co-director with Presencing Institute. He works with leaders across business, government, UN agencies and NGO sectors to solve complex sustainability challenges. He has been involved in facilitating contemplative art based multi-sectoral change labs to bridge societal divides in India,  Africa, South-East Asia, Europe & US. 

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