Embodied Poetry

Embodied Poetry Online Workshop

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Next Workshop: “Sacred Call”

When 7th May, Thursday, 4.30 – 6.30 pm IST (7 – 9 am EDT/ 1 – 3 pm CEST)

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What if the current crisis is an invitation to each of us to discover our true purpose?What is the world we want to create for ourselves and our communities?

We will be integrating Social Presencing Theatre, Poetry, Sculpting and deep dialogue to explore and transform our inner struggles.
Contributions for this program can be made on sliding scale i.e. you can pay anything between Rs 500 to Rs 3000 or $10 to $40 (or equivalent of the same in your currency) as per your context. The contributions gathered from this program will be donated to local non-profits committed to serve marginalised communities impacted by this pandemic.


Hosts: Manish Srivastava & Sonali Gera

For more details write to Manish Srivastava at sacred well.in@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing you there!



All embodiment is poetry
Returning to the untold stories that my body holds
Movements that shape the eternal time and space
And gestures that radiate the beauty of my heart

All poetry is embodiment
Unedited soul’s expression
Born when my body resonates
With earth and all her children

~ Manish Srivastava (9.4.2020)

Pls write to sacredwell.in@gmail.com for further information