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Embodied Poetry

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All embodiment is poetry
Returning to the untold stories that my body holds
Movements that shaped the eternal time and space
And gestures that radiate the beauty of my heart

All poetry is embodiment
Unedited soul’s expression
Born when my body resonates
With the earth and all her children

~ Manish Srivastava (9.4.2020)

I have been writing poems and sketching since the age of nine. But when I discovered Social Presencing Theatre, I found a new language. With embodiment and contemplative movement, I learnt to tap into deeper realms of human experience and let a poem emerge.

This weaving of embodiment, art and poetry gave birth to my book- Trading Armour for a Flower. Once the book was launched, my wife and I hosted 10 dialogue circles across India. This is where Embodied Poetry started emerging as a practice. During Covid-19 lockdown I started offering Embodied Poetry online workshops and integrated it in Presencing Institute’s U.Academy and GAIA forums.

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