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Midnight Journey of a Seed

Pathways to Resilience in the Face of a Pandemic

What is a crisis worth if it has not transformed you! 

Midnight Journey of a Seed brings to light the deeper story of human resilience in the face of a pandemic. By integrating poetry, anecdotes, art and contemplative practices, the book takes readers on a healing journey and offers pathways to co-create a resilient future.


“We are living in a moment of profound disruption, a moment when one civilisation is ending and another is about to be born. To truly understand the deeper essence of this moment, we must extend our inquiry from the outside world to the one that emerges from within. In this book, Manish Srivastava guides us through this journey of extending systems thinking with the means of social poetry. He takes us on a creative pathway towards what matters most today – our inner development. Highly personal, highly recommended!”

— Otto Scharmer, Senior Lecturer at MIT, USA and Author of the bestselling books, Theory U and Presence 

“A sensitive work. The book starts with a look inward to understand the impact of Covid 19, and moves to reconciliation and healing.The text and poems go on to seek a larger meaning to the pandemic. The poems veer from dark to cheeky and always have a lyrical ring. Reading this book makes you relive the pandemic but ends on a note of hope, renewal and love.”

Chetan Mahajan, Penguin published author, award-winning blogger, writing coach and founder of the Himalayan Writing Retreat 

“From the first through to the last page of Midnight Journey of a Seed, we are invited into the world of a tender and brave-hearted warrior. Through Manish’s powerful words, we can feel our own fullness of heart—the anguish and the celebration. His poetic reflections on life during the pandemic offer us a wide perspective, intimate healing, and the courage to extend compassion to others.”

– Arawana Hayashi, Senior Faculty at Presencing Institute and Author of Social Presencing Theater: The Art of Making a True Move

“This book is like a cup of fresh ginger tea in the face of the pandemic. Manish has set a new benchmark in writing by brewing love, wisdom and faith into poetry that gives us hope to bravely face our obstacles and inspires us to find new, creative solutions. This book is the need of the hour to help us reconnect with the long-lost ingredient of resilience.”

— Ajay Chopra, Chef, Youtuber, TV Host of Masterchef India

“Throughout Midnight Journey of a Seed, Manish Srivastava guides us across starless nights of catastrophic disruption to discover our hidden gifts. Manish threads vignettes of his masterful work as a global change leader, interwoven with his accomplished devotion to the inner life. We are drawn to gather by this fire of solidarity, to craft our stories of resilience, to strengthen our courage and create more artful, just, and restorative worlds.”

– Beth Mount, Founder of Graphic Futures, Originator of Personal Futures Planning, and Author and Artist of Social Change

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