the sacred well

inner source of healing & humanity



I am Manish Srivastava. A coach, facilitator, artist & author.

In this space I see myself as the steward of The Sacred Well.
My job is to keep the divine water flowing…
thru me, thru us…

So, I write, share and host contemplative art based dialogues to make visible the deeper source of humanity within our hearts and within our collective struggles.

You can learn more about my work and my communities at:

One thought on “Manish

  1. Manish, wish you a very happy, creative and fulfilling New year. I thoroughly enjoyed your poem ‘naye saal ki nayi chai’. Its been a while since I attended a workshop with you in Gurgoan. In Sunita Chugh’s space! I would love to do more, if you happen to be doing any workshops in the Delhi area in Jan/ Feb this year. I live in Boston. Wish you and all the best. Neeraj.


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