Field Beyond Right and Wrong

(Register here for upcoming workshop on July 8th 2020)

“Out beyond our wrongdoings and right doings there is a field…” (Rumi)

What if we our most painful societal conflicts like racism, caste & class divide, gender violence etc are an unmet longing of humanity to step into another field? 

A field where we can embrace the conflict as an ingredient for our collective well being. Messy yet meaningful!

In this online workshop we will unlock the embodied wisdom of our social body to explore the field beyond our pressing societal divides. Building further on the recorded session by Manish Srivastava (available from 6th July), we will get to experience some simple yet profound practices of Social Presencing Theatre.

Pls bring your full presence along with any conflict that pains you the most. We will use embodiment exercises that would require us to move around, meditate and sometime draw. Therefore request you to find a space in your home/office accordingly.


Manish Srivastava is core-faculty and co-director of Social Presencing Theatre at the Presencing Institute (based at MIT, USA). He works with UN, Governments, iNGOs and Businesses, in transforming societal divides thru contemplative social art around challenges like: human-trafficking, criminal justice, gender violence, youth, climate change etc.

Manish is a poet and blogger. He shares his insights from work on His recent book Trading Armour or a Flower provides a poetic pathway to integrate masculine and feminine within.


This event is part of the Coming Down to Earth online summit on conflict transformation. Its free and open to all. 

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(Register here for upcoming workshop on July 8th 2020)