Beneath our detest lies deep pain. Beneath our pain lies a deep longing. We all seek to belong to each other.

In a meditative moment, I heard an inner voice telling me a story:

“Let me tell you a real story… I come from the womb of life. That mysterious space where we go after death and where we come from to a new life. A sleep-like awakening: cause there you remember everything. You know who you are, what has been your dharma and your karma. Every Soul, comes from there. We make our choices about who we want to be and what life experiences we would like to have. Soul wants to experience life in the body. But then we take the human form and we forget all about the womb.  

Each Soul is on a transforming life journey. Each Soul is living with a deep longing. Each Soul is seeking deep love and wholeness.

This includes you, your 1-year old son, your 65 year old father, your wife, your neighbor, that irritating cab driver, your client… everyone…
You can engage with all those who show up in your life as physical beings: warm bodies sharing your house, city, planet. 
You can relate to them as social beings: having roles and responsibilities towards you. Which they fulfill or fail to do so. Pleasing or irritating you.
Or you can connect with them as spiritual beings: longing to seek wholeness and completions.  Being your co-travellers in your Soul journey.
All three choices are available to you in any given moment.”

Listening to the spiritual being

As I reflected on this realization, I remembered the moments when I have become aware of Soul’s longing in myself and others. As I walk down the streets, I come across people from different walks of life: security guards & auto-rickshaw drivers,  college students on bikes, executives in posh cars, mothers walking with  their babies in prams. Sometimes, I just become aware of them beyond their appearances and occupations and I see fragile bodies and human souls with deep longing. I connect with their sadness hidden in their laughter, anger or  silence. I see their soul’s simplicity and sometimes helplessness.

Sometimes, I see young children, doing weird things and driving their parents crazy. When I pause and look deep, I experience little souls longing to express themselves. Weirdness then generates compassion.

Likewise, I have started experiencing elders differently. In their anger, idiosyncrasies, egotistic conversations, confusions, amnesia etc, I sometimes get in touch with their deep fears of aging. Its their soul longing to complete, to resolve, to find a meaning.

Many depth psychologist and Jungian analysts like James Hillman & Marie-Louise von Franz explore that psychologically dysfunctional or socially inappropriate behaviors are unique expressions of a Soul in his/her journey to wholeness and individuation. Every interaction is a spiritual longing. If you could hold your breath and listen beyond their physicality and social awkwardness, you will experience their Soul’s calling.

Whenever, I have been able to connect with the deeper Soul’s longing, even the most unbearable moments transform me. I become compassionate, magnanimous and gracious human being. My Soul starts honouring other’s Soul journey. Their Soul reciprocates. It’s like two warriors meeting and honouring each other.

We can practice it everyday!

When you come across any difficult situation or find yourself in a duel with another person, just become aware of the stuckness. Often its some kind of either-or, right-wrong, always-never polarity. Its manifested on the body as well, as some pain or stiffness.  Just pause for a moment. Take deep breath and connect with your feelings… anger, fear, hurt, pain… Experience your feelings fully for a moment while resisting the need to externalize it.

Now, ask yourself: What am I really longing for in this moment?

(I often connect with my longing for love, attention, independence, peace etc…)

Now, you may connect with the other person or the situation. Inquire with an open heart: What are they feeling? What are they really longing for?

As we become aware of our Soul’s longing, we connect with others at deeper level. We feel deeply acknowledged, understood and loved by ourselves and others. This way we not only transform a stuck situation or relationship but also help another Soul in their journey.

When we start listening to Soul’s longing in difficult conversation, we generate compassion and love where there had been hurt and struggle. We become the compassionate, magnanimous and gracious human being!

I have started practicing it daily and celebrating my soulful moments. Hope you enjoy it too…

…from the Sacred Well