Guest house.jpgInspired by Rumi’s poem “Guest House”….

If your being is a guest house,
Who all do you welcome, who gets to share your bedroom, who is tolerated in the drawing room and to whom do you shut our doors and windows to?

What if, all of them were representing a part of you, your psyche?
What if, all of them come to remind you of your forgotten parts;
to mirror what you love and what you can’t stand?
What if, all those who visit you are your soulmates from many lifetimes–
forgotten, unforgiven, frightful, frightened, loved or longing…
What will you do then?

Would you shut your doors on their face? Once again? And carry it forward to another life?
Would you let them in and offer a cup of tea and some company you both longed for?
Would you let some of them see your most hidden space– your bedroom, your study, your basement?

You may start with some guests
Choose few you find hard to tolerate
Let them in for a while in your house
Welcome them with selfless hospitality
Let them sip tea in silence while their purpose in your life is revealed
Then they may dissolve in the being of your house
And you will become a richer and happier soul…

Sacred Well…