How hard we work to distance ourselves from those
who have come to our life to complete us!

We develop emotional strategies
and justify that it’s the only way out
We get busy building the castle to protect ourselves
and become prisoners of our own fears!

More precious the gift,
more painful it is to accept it
For gifts from beyond are hard truths
reflecting our true power,
hidden beneath our dark sides

My heart cries, when I see fellow souls,
struggling hard to protect themselves from their brilliance;
closing their eyes when their gold is about to shine;
killing the ugly messenger before the beauty unveils itself

It seems, half our lives goes in,
marking out those we cant stand.

Have you ever wondered,
Why are the most unbearable ones nearest to us in kinship?

In blood or in spirit,
they carry a part of us… a sacred part!
it may be a part not owned, not healed, not accepted;
it may be a part longing to be acknowledged;
it may a part seeking to gracefully depart…

Reclaiming our lost parts, is becoming whole
Those we distance with are the there to help us,
find the missing pieces of our puzzle
That’s why we invited them in first place

Sometimes when I catch the glimpse of the larger design,
I discover that all those who baffle me are my projections
Born to help me discern and integrate again

From up in the air, sometimes,
I am saddened to see myself,
working hard to develop strategies after strategies
to avoid, to distance, to protect from what is inevitable.

While alternatively if I just accept and allow…
the grand design reveals itself…
And I start loving myself
as I am, with whoever showed up in my life, in the very moment…

from the Sacred Well…


I have almost discovered a formula:
the intensity of our need to distance from someone is
directly proportional to their importance in helping us
in our journey to happiness, well-being and wholeness