Only love is real
I am a vessel of love
Love is my stand
Only love is real

Life is so small…
By the time we truly fall in love,
It’s time to let go this life…
Love is so eternal
Life is so small

Hatred is amnesia
Ego is ignorance
My heart is crying
For I have just realised
That only love is real

Love has no boundary
It knows no gender,
No caste, no religions
No class, no age
No conditions…
Love is so real
It transcends reality
It’s light
It’s dark
It’s you
It’s me…

True power resides in love
True love is so powerful

Life is too short
To miss any moment
Without love

I am breaking free from my cage
I am floating in the street
Hugging every soul,
I despised, avoided, hated…

Oh you are so lovely
How could I not see…
My heart is melting
Into tears…
I can see your soul
Yearning to belong
Just like mine
My throat is choking
Words are insignificant
Can I cry loud, with love?

I am dissolving in you
In the street
In the field
In the Universe

I am not crying cause you will go away someday
I am crying for every moment you were here and I could not see you

I am crying to honour your full being
I am crying to wash away all that was left unsaid
I am crying to love you so deeply
That you are set free…

For only love is real…

(With pure, deep, boundless love for all my loved ones)
– Sacred Well