To the father who just crossed the street
Ahead of my car
With two toddlers in school dress

To the old man
Pushing the cart with two wheels
Carrying heavy loads of steel

To the women who is walking fast
Muttering something
Reliving some old conversation
Oblivious to the street

To the man in the next car
Restlessly adjusting his collar
And may be his pride
For some challenging day ahead

To the little boy
Bathing with drum and mug
In front of his thatch house
Right on the street

To the man on the bike
Who just jumped ahead of my car
Almost banging in me

To the anger within me
That shouted “careless bastard”
And the fear in me
That shook my belly
And reminded “you can’t hurt another being”

To the crows, cows & trees
Witnessing the morning human drama

To all those I witness
As I go out to work…
I open my heart with love!

Cause they hold a part of me,
With them
As I carry a part of them,
Within Self

And then there are few loving ones:
Who open the door when I get back home
And the 2 feet tall ones,
Who run to greet me with love: “papa”

There is so much to see,
So much to thank for,
So many to love!

Jyot se jyot jagate chalo
Prem ki ganga bahate chalo

(Hindi song. Meaning:
Light the light with light
Let the river of love flow…)

– Manish Srivastava
(Sacred Well)