“Allow harsh and unforgiving feelings to be carried away by the song of a flute, the reverberation of a drum, or the sound of the wind through the trees. In your mind’s eye, see where the flow of positive energy is blocked, and then imagine this place as an ice floe breaking up in a thawing river.” (iChing- the book of change).

If it stays longer than few seconds, its not an emotion.
Cause, e-motion is energy in motion…
Be it anger, excitement, fear, love, hurt, sadness, joy…
It’s energy. And it come and goes, on our body.

But often it evokes memories. Old data. Old stories.
And that’s where we get stuck. We feel heavy and loaded.
We get further entangled in our need to be righteous.

Pema Chordon says, “drop the storyline”
If we drop our stories, we will discover that our feelings are same as the ones who seem to be troubling us. We will discover, compassion and love.
It’s the story that freezes us in the past. Like a tree who never learnt what spring was cause he refused to let-go any old dried out leaves.

So what’s the way out?
Sometimes I am able to catch myself getting into the old story. Like a old tape playing – “see you are a victim again”. Such times, I stay with the emotions and the feelings in the here and now. I let it happen fully. Just witness…

But I am not always so lucky. Often, the story tape plays so loud in my brain that it numbs rest of the body. Heaviness seeps in. In such a moment, iChing advice is helpful. “Allow harsh and unforgiving feelings to be carried away by the song of a flute,… “.

Connecting with the natural flow energy softens the hard earth and allows the seeds of love and gentleness germinate, find roots and unfold the sapling of new possibilities.

— Sacred well