At the heart of every civilization and our lives,
there is a well, a sacred well…
We come here when we are tired and thirsty
It nourishes us with sweet water,
from depths of our collective wisdom.

As community of men and women,
we gather around this well…
to nourish, to dance, to rekindle our soul!

Sacred Well, to me is a symbol of deep collective wisdom of human consciousness
Its the depth from which our dreams, myths and insights emerge
Its the pathway that connects the two world…
of conscious and unconscious
of logos and eros
of science and spirituality
of method and madness…

Sacred well is also a wound
an opening that hurts and heals simultaneously

its my talisman, my guide,
its where my poerty, art, inspiration comes from
its where i drop down in solitude or slumber
its where i become one with the universe…
with you…