Sometimes reviews are the mirrors that reflect the deeper essence of your work. Grateful for this honest and heartfelt review by Aneesha Shewani. Pls, read to discover why this book (Midnight Journey of a Seed) is “deserves a place in our bookshelves.”

Aneesha writes: This book endorses the power of resilience and the need for individual awakening to develop a collective consciousness committed to nourishing the seed within us. Grab your copy for a weekend journey into what we braced in 2020-2021. This book will make you ponder how we must approach 2022 and beyond, in the shadow of the unknown. Manish sums it up in one of his 77 poems:

“Life doesn’t care what we plan —

It gives us what we secretly long

To preserve our essence

In the middle of any storm”

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Blue Pen Strokes

Book: Midnight Journey of a Seed

Author: Manish Srivastava

Genre: Poetry, Philosophy, Self-help, Spiritual

Available at:

Recommended: Liked It

The Covid-19 pandemic had us struggling mentally and spiritually because none of us ever thought such a calamity would befall our modern society with so many amenities and scientific backing. Manish Srivastava writes in his poetry collection-Midnight Journey of a Seed:

“There is a wild uncharted field

Between what science can explain

And what religion can claim”

With countries, communities, and families grappling with the horrors of a rogue virus of unknown origins, trying to make sense of a cloistered lifestyle bound by lockdowns, covered by masks, Manish is shaken and perturbed. Like many individuals, he takes a deep inward journey. He pens down his thoughts using the techniques of journaling and poetry. Taking cues from spiritual influences in his life and practical experiences as a family man…

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