What do we do when we feel that life is being unfair? Or when our choices might be contributing to the unfair experiences of others?

Sometimes life puts us in the paradox of fair-unfair, inclusion-exclusion, right-wrong. The ego-mind struggles to take sides, like holding on to the slippery banks of a fast-flowing river. However, the way out of any paradox is to let yourself sink through its very crack. Only then the paradox reveals its true purpose. Like, this poem showed up when I surrendered to a conflict that was very personal and universal at the same time. It feels like it’s true, even at this moment. Maybe you need it too—the wisdom or the pathway.


Someday, when we cross the veil of life
When they declare us dead
Something in us may still survive

In that brief moment of eternity
We may find ourselves in each other
Like keys of the grand piano
Co-producing the music called life

The father, the mother, the spouse
Even the children
The in-laws, out-laws, maids, masters
Lovers and heartbreaks
All those intimate longings or betrayals
Would come to see us off
As our reflections in the cosmic mirror
Fellow petals of the same flower

Will there be time to seek forgiveness
For the walls we built against ourselves
Can we call life unfair
For not knowing this divine truth earlier

— from the book “Trading Armour for a Flower” by Manish Srivastava

Photo taken by iphone 11 at Ranikhet, Uttrakhand (May, 2023)